Two Calls to Make Before Shabbat Arrives 

Dear Friends,

As Shabbat approaches I wanted to reach out over social media and ask you to make two important calls- one to Senator Menendez and the other to Senator Booker. The former is simply a call of thanks. The latter is a call to action. 

Some background:

 A number of news outlets are reporting that a framework agreement with Iran may be signed as early as this weekend. All indications are that serious concessions are being made by the P5+1 to the Iranian regime. These include weakening demands for inspections, potentially lifting all sanctions immediately, and allowing Iran to continue to operate the Fordow nuclear facility. (This is an underground, heavily fortified facility at a previously undisclosed location.) It is imperative that Congress play its historically mandated role and participate in the political process in order to ensure that any deal signed is indeed the “good deal” spoken

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Latest TOI Post- I’m an  AIPAC Activist Without Quotes


On March 1st, Rabbi Jonah Geffen, the Rabbinic Director for J-Street posted on Facebook what can be seen as a challenge to his fellow rabbinic colleagues who were about to attend the AIPAC Policy Conference.

Question for all my “progressive” rabbi friends at AIPAC this week. Especially those who have spoken out against the PM’s speech to congress. Are you going to to lobby congress if the issue is Iran and your assigned ask is for your congresspeople to vote against the President?

As The J-Street Conference with some 3000 delegates (1000 of them students) approaches, I revisited this post and came away with a few questions and new insights.

Read more: I’m an AIPAC Activist and Progressive Without Quotes | Daniel M. Cohen | The Blogs | The Times of Israel

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Must read- Apologies and the Arab Community


The President of Israel doesn’t have a whole lot of responsibilities, but one of them, when the job is done well and the holder of the office is well respected, has been to be a sort of moral and ethical conscience. In that light, President Rivlin’s suggestion that there is no place for such remarks in elections and the suggestions coming forth that Benjamin Netanyahu apologize to the Arab community for his racial and ethnic based comments should be appreciated and followed…

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Welcoming Rabbi Allie Klein

Dear Friends,

It is with a great deal of  excitement that I am writing this email.

I am absolutely thrilled that, on July 1, Rabbi Alexandra (Allie) Klein will be joining the TSTI staff. Throughout the search process we were consistently impressed by the caliber of the students approaching rabbinic ordination. Rabbi Klein was, however, far and away the rabbi we hoped to engage and we are gratified that she has accepted our offer. 

A native of New Jersey, Rabbi Klein is a product of the Reform Movement and has extensive experience in Jewish Summer Camping, formal and informal education and much more. Her resume impressed the committee and the time we spent with her throughout the intensive interview process only served to solidify our first impressions. Our unanimous choice, Rabbi Klein immediately accepted our invitation. 

We welcome Rabbi Klein and her husband Adam Seidman to the TSTI community and …

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