Sending Aid to Nepal

Dear Friends,

The news coming out of Nepal is more and more tragic with each updated reports. It is no surprise that Israel immediately set out to get relief workers on-site as has been the case with so many tragedies of this magnitude. The Jewish State is quick to offer assistance and, when such assistance is accepted, (which isn’t always the case), quick to follow through on the offer. It is also no surprise that Jewish organizations throughout America are putting together efforts to raise funds. Click here for a list provided by the Reform Movement.

One of the hallmarks of the Jewish community is that we look out for our own AND for those we may never meet. This is one such time. Any support we can give as a community will be truly impactful.

The Times of Israel offers some insight into Israel’s mission. Click here

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Worth Reading: Why I Require FBI Agents to Visit the Holocaust Museum


…I require every new FBI special agent and intelligence analyst to go to the Holocaust Museum. Naturally, I want them to learn about abuse of authority on a breathtaking scale. But I want them to confront something more painful and more dangerous: I want them to see humanity and what we are capable of. 
I want them to see that, although this slaughter was led by sick and evil people, those sick and evil leaders were joined by, and followed by, people who loved their families, took soup to a sick neighbor, went to church and gave to charity.

This article makes some interesting… and important points. It is definitely worth reading. 

Click here to read the full piece.

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 A TSTI Passover…


TSTI Rennasaince Group celebrates the second night of Passover at Giorgio’s in South Orange  …

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TSTI Hebrew High Seniors Share Their Plans


During the last night of Hebrew High for this year our graduating seniors shared their plans for next year with the rest of the Hebrew High. They also used the opportunity to thank Rabbi Miller for her years teaching them and directing Hebrew High and wished her luck in the new position. 

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