TSTI is affiliated with the Union for Reform Judaism. As such we are a progressive synagogue community that understands and appreciates the fact that each member of the community will connect to Jewish tradition in their own, unique way. We embrace the Reform Jewish approach that celebrates individual, informed choice. As such we do not presume any specific ritual adherence but seek to draw community members more deeply into active Jewish life.

We have members of the congregation who were raised in Orthodox or Conservative Jewish homes as well as members who were raised in non-observant homes. Like our rabbis, many members were raised in homes affiliated with Reform Synagogues. TSTI is fully egalitarian. Many of the Jewish homes connected to the congregation include an adult who is not Jewish but has chosen to create a Jewish home. The congregation is also open and welcoming to members of the LGBT community. Our goal is to create a synagogue that offers a sense of belonging to the greatest number of people.

Our worship is inclusive of both Hebrew and English. Kippot and Tallitot are available for those who choose to wear them but are not required. The congregation’s building is kosher-style meaning that pork and shellfish are not allowed in the building. 

How does the synagogue include my partner who is not Jewish in meaningful lifecycle events like baby-namings and Bar/Bat Mitzvah? 

A philosophical cornerstone of our community is that we look for every possible opportunity to be inclusive. Each household dynamic is different so we encourage you to speak directly with one of our rabbis if you would like more information about the many ways we include all family members in Mitzvahs and every-day life at TSTI.