Shabbat worship on Friday evening takes place either at 6:00pm or 7:30pm throughout the year.

During the programming year from September through June, the times mostly alternate between the two times (Holiday weekends and during the summer worship is always at 6:00pm). There are exceptions however, so please… Click here for our temple calendar to see this week’s specific schedule.

The 6:00pm service is an informal “come as you are” worship experience. We begin promptly at 6:00pm as we welcome Shabbat together. We do our best to keep the 6:00pm service to one hour so those in attendance can then gather at home or somewhere else to enjoy a Shabbat meal. (There is an opportunity to socialize at the pre-service Oneg at 5:30)

The 7:30pm service is a bit more formal than the 6:00pm service, but because we always want people to join together in whatever way makes them most comfortable, it is still “come as you are”. There is an Oneg following the service.