Tikkun Olam: TSTI Takes Action

Social Justice: TSTI Takes Action

Recent events have brought the systemic racism and inequality that Black and other people of color face to the forefront in ways that demand action. In hopes that our TSTI community can deepen our collective commitment to the hard work of anti-racism and the ongoing struggle for racial justice, below are meaningful opportunities to “do the work.” From anti-bias programs sponsored by our own Social Action Task Force to exciting opportunities to partner with neighboring faith communities, together, we will build this world from love.

This information will be updated regularly and promoted in temple communications.

If there are activities or events you want to share, please email Rabbi Klein.


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The Mission of the TSTI Social Justice Task Force is to advocate, inform and engage the Temple community and the community at large to promote social justice through education, collaboration and action. The TSTI Social Justice Task Force seeks to:

  • Create a greater knowledge of Social Injustice, its history and its impact on wider societal issues that result in inequities
  • Find solutions in ways that build bridges among diverse communities
  • Engage the Temple community in identified issues
  • Build consensus among stakeholders
  • Empower and inspire Temple members to take action by Informing and educating all age groups in the Temple community
  • Create a meaningful profile of Jewish tolerance

The task force is currently working on Get Out the Vote/anti-voter suppression efforts in preparation for the fall's national elections, as well as anti-bias training opportunities. For more information, or to join the task force, contact Alison Oxman or Betsy Sobo.