TSTI Masking Policy (9/12/22)

As of September 9, 2022, the rate of transmission of Covid-19 is “low” in our area and there are no recommendations from CDC, NJ Dept. of Health, our local health officials, or medical advisors, that masking be mandatory. As a result, masking is now optional* throughout our building, and in our schools, but will continue to be mandatory for all religious services and large gatherings. We recognize and respect individuals’ personal decisions and rely on each member of our congregation to use judgment when coming to TSTI so as to not endanger others. However, with regard to masking at services and large gatherings, we will continue to collectively mask so that anyone who would like to participate in person can do so. We recognize this may cause a bit of discomfort for some and are grateful for a community where our shared value of Pikuach Nefesh (Saving a Life) is respected and steps are actively taken to be as inclusive as possible of all people. We believe this strikes the best balance at this time. We strongly urge the use of KN95s or the equivalent, as they are the best way to keep ourselves safe.

While masks will be optional outside of services and large gatherings, we still encourage taking safety precautions such as handwashing, carefully monitoring all symptoms of illness and masking when doing so will lessen the spread of germs (during flu season, for example.) 

We also recognize and support that many people will be more comfortable remaining masked regardless of this policy change, and will continue to provide masks for all who need them when entering the building. Please consider masking at all times to protect others.

We will continue to carefully monitor indicators of health and safety in our community and encourage you to check the temple website and emails before coming to the building as we reserve the right to adjust these policies at any time as circumstances dictate.

*Please respect that some of our staff prefer to wear masks and when meeting with them in their offices or small spaces, you may be asked to wear one, as well.