Our community has a long history of celebrating Jewish life through song. Music is central to who we are…

Some fun facts about how we enjoy music in our congregation:

  • We were the first congregation to celebrate with the Shabbat Rock Service. (back in the 60s!)
  • We have started a tradition of bringing some of the most prolific Jewish singer songwriters to the congregation for a Shabbat In Song each year. (Over the years we have welcomed Rick Recht, Dan Nichols, Noam Katz, Sheldon Low, and others!)
  • TSTI also has our own Shabbat Band composed of musical temple members.  
  • We are proud to be the home synagogue of Noah Aronson, one of the most popular Reform Jewish singer songwriters today.

Since music is always more fun when shared, here are some of the melodies we currently sing so you can join in when at services!