Get Involved with TSTI

At TSTI we encourage all members of the congregation to take an active part in Temple life. We are at our best when lots of people are active in the variety of committees that keep our programs running so well.

We operate as a combined team of wonderful staff and talented volunteer leadership. We welcome (and need) your help…

Please contact Beth Blackman or call 973-763-4116 if you would like more information about any of the committees below or would like to volunteer your time and talent.

Temple Community

Women’s Connection
Our multi-generational group that plans and encourages involvement in fun social, spiritual and recreational events; supports scholarships for Religious School and Reform Jewish summer experiences.

Our multi-generational group that sponsors social and cultural events; provides financial support and mentoring for Temple Youth Group and fields our winning Softball team.

TSTI’s social group for those who are entering or nearing the next stage of life and are looking for a renewed connection to TSTI. Fun-loving couples, singles, empty nesters and nearly-empty nesters are all welcome. (ages about 45-60)

Second Connection
This social group is spirited, fun-loving, always open to new suggestions, and very welcoming to new members. (ages about 58-70)

Prime Connection
TSTI’s group for members (ages about 67+) who gather for learning, friendship and entertainment.


Welcomes prospective members. Plans and coordinates new member activities, communication and Temple involvement.

Religious Life

Caring Community
Reaches out with a helping hand to congregants after a family loss.

Tikkun (Social Action)
Creates and supports programming and projects related to improving social and ethical values in the community.

Blood Bank
Coordinates and administers the temple blood drive.

Food Pantry
Volunteers to staff the Food Pantry and to pick up our donated food most Wednesday mornings.

Soup Kitchen
Helps to cook for and feed our neighbors in Orange the 2nd Saturday of each month.

Green Team
Fosters “green” issues in our building and in our community.

Ensures that members who need assistance getting to/from Temple are cared for.

Israel Involvement
Brings speakers from organizations such as AIPAC and J Street and coordinates with organizations such as ARZA and JNF.

Volunteers to usher at High Holy Days Services and at Shabbat Services.


Works with and supports Youth Group Director to develop programs for the congregation’s youth in grades 5-12.

Pre-School Board
Coordinates with our Early Childhood Center Staff and clergy to maintain and enhance our preschool and summer camp.

­Religious School Board
Coordinates with Clergy and Religious School Director to maintain and enhance our outstanding Religious School.

College Corner (and Beyond)
Maintains contact with college age students by preparing and sending “care” packages throughout the school year.

Adult Learning
Develops schedules and course curriculum for Temple and community programs on topics of Jewish culture, values and religious education.


Advertising /Publicity
Creates and coordinates effective ways to maintain Temple communications.


Ways and Means
Develops and executes social activities that create opportunities to raise funds for Temple’s budget needs.

High Holy Days Appeal
Develops materials and runs the campaign that raises funds for our yearly operating budget. The most important fundraising we do each year.

Handles the Temple’s yearly budget, projects our financial needs throughout the year and deals with our revenue and expense issues. It also monitors the Restricted Funds that add to the congregation’s ability to fund projects and events.

The Gates of Israel Foundation
The Gates of Israel Foundation of Temple Sharey Tefilo-Israel was founded in 1992 to support the Temple’s capital fundraising needs, manage long term investments and to provide endowed support to programing.  This assures our Temple community the continuity of the wonderful programs, special resources and events we appreciate and expect, independent of annual budget funding pressures, lessening the need for general dues increases.