We are fortunate to have many dedicated volunteer Temple leaders engaged in the work it takes to make TSTI such a vibrant community. Each of the V.P. areas below is responsible for several committees made up of energetic, thoughtful TSTI committee chairs and members.

For details of our various committees and how you can get more involved, please click here. Please join us! We welcome your ideas and energy!


Executive Committee:
Max Weisenfeld - President
Heather Brochin - V.P. Ways and Means
Jeff Cutler - V.P. Finance
Amy Giles - V.P. Community
Debbie Green-Taffet - V.P. Education
Rob Jones - Treasurer
Susan Nasberg-Abrams - Secretary

Roberta Probber - V.P. Membership Retention/Engagement

Jane Randel - V.P. Communications
Debbie Taffett - V.P. Education
Marjie Terry – V.P. Membership Acquisition

Sue Wishnow – Immediate Past President

Jay Rice - Presidential Advisor
Elise Joy - Presidential Advisor
Beth Blackman - Executive Director

Board of Trustees:
Jesse Bayer
Susan Berkley
Bryan Bloom
Susan Brand
Lauren Byers
Elissa Caterfino-Mandel
Rob Cohen
Wendy Ferber
Natalie Fisher
Glenn Gardner
Monica Hafif
Kristin Harris
Alice Hirsch
Alan Levine
Jeff Lind
Mark Lowenthal
Neil Orzeck
Alan Paul
Melissa Robinson
Beth Rosenthal
Jennie Rothman


Honorary Board:
David Bershad
Matty Goldberg
Ramon Green

Past Presidents:
Ellen Barocas
Arnold Budin
Martin Feitlowitz
Jack Fersko
Daniel Goldberg
Sheldon Gross
Henry Kay
Craig Krandel
Edward Lidz
Annette Littman
Pauline Pollack
Hope Pomerantz
Jay Rice
Paul Rosenberg
Ethel Sidney
Rudy Slucker
Richard Staenberg
Barbara Stoller
Lee Weinberg
Sue Wishnow