imageThe other day we focused on Ron Gross’ involvement with Friends of the IDF. Support for Israeli soldiers is important. Thanking and supporting our own troops is as well. That’s exactly what Cantor Moses does by “adopting” a members of the US armed services.

From Cantor Moses:

When I married my husband I also married into a family with a long and honorable military background. My brother-in-law, an active duty Marine was stationed in Iraq just after I met him. It was during his tour of duty that I really wanted to support him and the other amazing young men and women who, sometimes in spite of their personal politics, have chosen to serve our country. Whatever your personal feelings about the operations in which the men and women of our armed forces are engaged, they deserve our thanks, our respect, and even a little treat now and then to remind them of home when they are serving far away. That is why my family and I have chosen to adopt a US soldier at the holiday season for the past several years. We use an organization called Aopt a US Soldier. We pack a box of goodies from their list of suggested items and mail it out. It’s an incredibly easy gift to give, but one that makes a big impact on the moral of the soldier who receives it. I hope you will join my family in this project!

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