At TSTI we mark the passage from childhood towards adulthood with the ceremony of b’nai mitzvah – child of the Commandments – when our students publicly affirm their place in the Jewish community.

At age 13, our young people lead a Shabbat morning service during which they read and teach from that week’s Torah portion. Preparation begins in earnest some nine months prior to that morning, but our young people’s entire religious school education builds toward that moment and beyond.

Learning to read, write and speak Hebrew in our Religious School is just a part of our b’nai mitzvah program. Students receive individualized tutoring so that they will be prepared to lead their assigned prayers and read their Torah and Haftarah portions with confidence. They also participate in a Terumah Project of their choosing, allowing them to apply the Jewish value of helping make our world a better place.

Our goal is for all students to feel a profound sense of accomplishment and develop a positive Jewish self-image they will keep with them throughout their lives. Recognizing that everyone learns differently, we are committed to helping each b’nai mitzvah student achieve their very best. This spirit of inclusion extends to our many interfaith families and services include options for welcome full participation from non-Jewish family members.

Most families find the emotions during this time are profound and even unexpected, and we are confident that you and your family will agree.