Our High Holy Days Appeal allows TSTI to keep our promise that we will never turn any family away due to financial constraints. This one act can impact future generations of Jews who believe in TSTI and come to us because we live our values of inclusion and respect.

In 2023, the parents of a child with autism, whose participation in the preschool Moving On ceremony was not only enabled but encouraged by our devoted preschool professionals, wrote the following to our clergy:

“To be part of a community like TSTI, where our ‘out of the box’ kiddo is so seen, understood, respected, and affirmed has been no less than a lifeline for our family. And this approach and value system benefits everyone, as it invites us to discover new ways of engaging and learning and growing together.”

The actions of our preschool reflect the broader congregational commitment that is a hallmark of our Jewish community: The belief that each person truly is created in the Divine image.

Each of us has the power to make our community one that welcomes and supports everyone through lifelong worship, learning, births, deaths, and other occasions when being part of something greater brings us invaluable comfort. Please click HERE to donate to the High Holiday Appeal and help ensure that every household that is or wants to be part of our community can participate in TSTI in whatever way is meaningful for them.

On behalf of our wonderful clergy, staff, teachers, and volunteers thank you very much for your participation.