Few things are more joyous than the celebration of a wedding, and perhaps no other ritual has as many different dimensions as the Jewish wedding. From the chuppah, to the solid gold rings, to the breaking of a glass at the end of the ceremony, the richness of this transitional moment is both beautiful and powerful.

Our clergy are thrilled to officiate the weddings of any couple wishing to create a Jewish home, regardless of sex, gender, sexual orientation or faith background.

Weddings take place both within the synagogue and outside its walls. For more information, please contact any member of the TSTI clergy.


According to Jewish law, a Jewish marriage is begun with a formalized ritual known as Kedushin. So it goes to follow that a Jewish marriage is dissolved through another formalized ritual — known as Gittin. Many years ago, the Reform movement determined that a civil divorce was sufficient and no longer required the receipt of a Get prior to remarriage. However, for those who want or need a Get to remarry, our clergy can help make such arrangements, or to mark divorce/separation with a meaningful modern Jewish ritual.