Welcoming New Members of our Family and our Community

There are a variety of special rituals to welcoming a child to the Jewish community. Typically, the celebration of a new life involves giving the child a Hebrew name and sharing words of blessing from family and community for both child and parent(s). At TSTI, we are committed to fully egalitarian observance, and thus joyfully celebrate the naming of every infant.

Families who have a male baby may also include a bris – a ritual circumcision performed by a trained professional – as a part of these celebratory rituals. The Bris is held on the eighth day of life and is considered so important within the Jewish community that it supersedes all holiday restrictions. The person performing the ritual is known as a mohel (“moyel”) or mohelet. They have special training in both the ritual and surgical aspects of Brit Milah. While TSTI clergy are happy to be part of the service, please contact the Temple Office to find a mohel who works with the progressive Jewish community in our area.