Nature Photography Show
September 15 – October 24, 2019

Members of Temple and two local photography clubs exhibited 91 photographs for the 2019-2020 season opening exhibit. Filling the Temple with images of the natural world provided an ideal tone for the High Holidays and inspired a curriculum for our school children.

Thanks to the following photographers for sharing their work: Jeffrey Altshcul, Roman Barniak, Jordan Basem, Sheila Basem, Rick Berger, Andy Brafman, Jane Brick, Michael Brick, Michael Clark, Cathy DesRochers, David DesRochers, Mary Fettes, David Fishbein, Carla Francis, Bob Gandel, Bonnie Garely, Jon Grall, Natalie Gregorio, Jim Grieshaber, Ryan Jacobsen, Michael Kehl, Samuel Kliment, Richard Koch, Virginia Kolstad, Stanley Kron, Bill Lerner, Ira Nemeroff, Karen Patton, Susan Siegeltuch Witkin, Ellen Stein, Abby Strugger, Butch VanSeters, Linda VanSeters, Philip Witt, Rebecca Witt, and Joy Yagid.