Created and curated by passionate temple members who work in and around the art world, the goal of The Gallery at TSTI is to bring the visual arts into TSTI in a more deliberate way. It will also help build community by providing a platform for artists to share their works and facilitating a dialogue between artists and art enthusiasts who would like to find out more about the visual art creative process. Gallery shows will be held inside the main Temple space, making it easy for all to see.

Email the Art Committee with questions about upcoming shows, dates, acceptable media, limitations on subject matter, and more.


Members and their guests may access the building during normal business hours without an appointment in the evenings and on Sunday when the building is open for other, non-worship programming, as long as they do not interfere with other programmatic use of the spaces.  

Members and their guests may also access the Gallery spaces when the building is open preceding and immediately following worship — however, members and guests are asked not to tour the gallery while worship is in progress.

Members will be expected to escort their guests.  Access to the building during the day is through the Religious School Lobby.

The Gallery is closed on Shabbat except as noted above on Friday, during the celebration of holidays and festivals as well as on Tuesday afternoon and Sunday morning when religious school is in session.