TSTI Member Show
April 14 – June 16, 2019

Member artists, professional and amateur alike, enthusiastically participated in the Gallery’s inaugural show. Others were delighted to learn of the artistic ability of their fellow members, and new interactions deepened and broadened the foundation of our community.

The show featured 92 works of art by thirty-three Temple members:

Felix Aarts, Carole Anzalone-Newman, Jill Bloom, Andrew Brafman, Robert Brenner, Harriet Felper, Larry Frolow, Miriam Frolow, Remy Frolow, Bonnie Garely, Florence Kaplan, Jennifer Katz, Richard Koch, Sarah Langsam, Eric Lax, Jeff Lindberg, Bonnie Maranz, Danielle Masters, Karen Mengden, Michael Oxman, Carol Paster, Lester Pfeffer, Lisa Pressman, Gary Rosenblatt, Ben Salmon, Carol Schiffman, Nancy Schwartz, Sunny Seglin, Steven Selenfriend, Susan Siegeltuch Witkin, Jerry Starr, Abby Strugger, Lisa Suss, Judy Targan, and Max Weisenfeld.