L’dor V’dor: New Visions of Judaica

September 2023
Preview Reception: October 22, 2023

The Gallery at TSTI presents

New Visions of Judaica

Ldor Vdor Art Gallery Flyer 2023In the tradition of L’dor V’dor, the arts have played a unique role in retelling the story of the Jewish people from generation to generation. Using a variety of techniques, methodologies and interpretations, contemporary artists have enriched our narratives and rituals beyond the spoken word.

As we begin our New Year 5784, the Gallery at TSTI presents four artists: Gerard Amsellem, Aliza Augustine, Rachel Kanter and Leslie Nobler. Each is of international acclaim, and each resides in neighboring Jewish communities in New Jersey. Using a variety of processes and materials, their collective artworks speak to tradition, history, and memory. They simultaneously invite our contemplation and self-awareness.

Through scale and reflection, Gerard Amsellem’s Memory-Mezuzoth offers protection to all, whether crossing the threshold into our homes or going outside into the world. The project also memorializes those who have passed from the artist’s life, but embraces their memory as inspiration.

In Daughters of Holocaust Survivors, the photography of Aliza Augustine confronts the darkest chapter of Judaism, remembering and honoring the children of survivors while projecting a defiant but cautionary tone.

Rachel Kanter’s sculptures, Community Wimple, I Immersion: Loss, and Ritual Clothing repurpose vintage ceremonial clothing such as tallit or kitchen aprons of past generations into new objects, enriched by our customs and household traditions.

Leslie Nobler’s collaged and gently stitched portraits highlight the unique role of women in our families.  These pictures transcend the seeming simplicity of their elements by the artist’s reverence for her chosen subjects.

All four artists link their art to their personal commitment to Judaism with a modern vision of our people’s history. From “generation to generation,” Jewish artists will continue to reinterpret who we are, what we value and how we shape the future.

A preview reception will be held on October 22. Come view the amazing artwork and meet the artists. A lecture will be held in late November / early December, date TBD.