Dear Friends,

Almost a year ago, we set out to build a new TSTI website from the ground up. I’m excited to announce that our brand new website is online!
The new website has a clean look, will always be up-to-date and is a powerful way to deepen your connection to Temple. Here are a few of the state-of-the-art features:

A comprehensive Calendar that will make it easy and efficient to find out what is happening. It is also directly linked to event registrations.

Online Registration for Events and, if there is a registration fee, Online Payment.

Direct Bill Payment and Donation opportunities.

Two Integrated Blogs. One (TSTI Blog) will have a variety of posts and links from the various clergy and TSTI departments. The other (Rabbi’s Blog) will allow me to share important articles I recommend, my writings, and more.

Our Facebook page and Twitter feed right on our new home page.

“Streamed Services” to watch at home is as simple as clicking the button on the homepage.

A Password Protected Membership Directory.

In addition you will, of course, find… Tons of Photos, new ways to get involved in Social Action, Adult Education, and various committees. Take a look at Worship information, Holiday Resources, Bar/Bat Mitzvah information, Pre-School and Religious School information (including all forms, registration links, etc.), Musical resources so you can learn the music we sing at services, resources on Lifecycle Events, ways to connect to the larger Jewish World, and, of course, our TSTI History. We also have information for Prospective Members so please share with your friends!
The Photo and Video Albums as well as the music page are still being populated so they will be further developed in the months to come. (We would love it if a few volunteers came forward to help us make this happen in an even quicker manner. Let us know if you are available.)

This website is the result of a tremendous number of people’s hard work. And while I thank all of them, there are two individuals in particular who deserve our communal gratitude.

Lana Rosenberg is a graphic designer par excellence. Lana lent her unique talents and skills to helping make the new website as gorgeous as it is. It is fair to say that there is not a single pixel of the new website that has not had to pass muster with Lana. For her artistry, attention to detail and total dedication to this project, I, and we, thank her.

Sue Wishnow, our temple’s Vice President of Community, is the reason for the new website. Sue has not only been the driving force behind the development of the new website but she has spent hundreds of hours (and while rabbis are prone to exaggeration there is no exaggeration here…) making sure this not only happened but making sure it happened in the most comprehensive way possible. Sue took the lead on this project, rolled up her sleeves and got it done.

Thank you also to TSTI member Dimitri Vorona of and Ron Conti of Tech Marvel. Dimitri and Ron have been donating the hosting of the temple’s previous website for years. That has been an incredible gift to this community and I want to publicly thank them for doing so.

Like Temple itself, this new website is a work in progress. We welcome your comments – particularly if you find any glitches/typos. We have done our best to make it as efficient, clean and as logical as possible.

To bring this long email to a close – TSTI is a community. We connect with one another and our tradition on multiple levels. The new website is designed to enhance one of the ways we connect. We hope it is, to steal the phone company’s old saying, “the next best thing to being there”. Our real hope, however, is that it will encourage you to get more involved, attend more services and events, read, learn, and share more of the information we will post.

Go online and check it out here!!

With peace,
Rabbi Daniel M Cohen