Meet Mr. and Mrs. Jaimy Puppy, a precious pair of Bichon Frises who passed away in 2020 during the pandemic after multiple, stressful, exasperating visits to veterinary clinics spanning from Essex to Bergen and Monmouth Counties. They were handed off to masked staff outside our car in parking lots; some clinics had to shut down due to COVID. Jaimy, aka, “Little Man,” was just an adorable real gentleman, a nice dog, good boy and cute little guy who passed away on December 2nd two months shy of his sixteenth birthday and seven days after surviving traumatic surgery to remove a baseball-size, ironically benign tumor around his liver. Soulful, loyal with a great big dog bark, nearing a proud 14 pounds in his  prime, he had been mourning the loss of his sweetheart “Mrs. Mimi,” a dazzling, dainty, fierce lady without a mean bone in her fluffy nine-pound body. She, a real trooper, pined at home with me longing for her Jaimy out with their Pawpa leaping over hiking trails or navigating another joyous car-ride – ventures she relished, too. Mimi’s vibrato of longing rivaled Beverly Sills and Fanny Bryce – if only backup to Cantor Moses and Student Cantor Hamstra. Mimi’s untimely passing on September 17th at fourteen and a half followed a brief, brave fight with Lymphoma and chemotherapy. “I never saw a cuter dog,” people would say. A big personality, she was the ideal companion for Mr. Jaimy Puppy and perfect complement to our home even when giving chase to us just before a walk outside. Please enjoy this video created as a tribute in February 2021 to memorialize the lives of these angels sans wings who adopted my husband, David, and me; yes, you read that right as to who truly were the most fortunate adoptees.