Although I am not trained, I have always been interested in art. I dabbled in this and that but never found my medium until about 9 years ago when I tried glassblowing. I fell in love with it immediately. During the lockdown the glass studio was closed and I missed the opportunity to be creative. Like so many others, I started taking long walks in my neighborhood. Inspired by a friend I started “collecting” colors when I walked. Initially, I just snapped pictures to document the colors but slowly I discovered that I was completely engaged in seeing in a new way and in trying to capture what I saw with my phone camera. The beauty of digital photography is that I could take as many photos as I wanted – I am old enough to remember being limited in my picture taking by the cost of film and film development. I took a zillion pictures and over time learned how to take a decent photo. I am still not trained as a photographer and sometimes I think I am just lucky to have a caught a moment – and luck does play a part – but then I realize that I made the choice to have my phone out, my camera on, and to look and to see, and I made the choice on how to frame what I see.

As an artist both in glass and in photography I find that color and texture are what I respond to first. In photography, I find myself trying to catch the sunlight and the shadows and patterns it creates. I like looking at the smallest of details and finding the beauty.