IMG_3973-0.JPGSince 1985, our non-profit organization Community Hope has provided housing and essential services to young adults and individuals in recovery from a debilitating mental illness. In 2004, we channeled our experience in residential recovery programs to help our former servicemen and women in dire need, opening the largest transitional housing program in New Jersey for homeless veterans. Community Hope was started in 1985 by families and mental health professionals seeking a safe haven in the community where young adults could continue their recovery from chronic mental illness. They opened our first therapeutic residence and recruited caring, professional counselors who could assist individuals in making a successful transition back to community and family life after many months, often years, of repeated psychiatric hospitalization.

I was initially introduced to Community Hope through a good friend and associate in the not for profit world after I had expressed an interest in becoming involved with an organization that makes real changes in peoples lives. Once introduced to Community Hope and seeing the quality of services they provide I was hooked. I have been a board member for over four years and constantly impressed by the team of people at the organization and their ability to carry out their mission.

I would encourage any one interested in getting involved to check out there web site Community Hope and feel free to contact any of the resources mentioned on the site or to contact me at probberj at