lights2I learned something recently that really upset me.  Feminine hygiene products are not covered by food stamps. Girls and women all over the country, and right in my hometown, miss school and work because they simply can’t afford these basic necessities.

Facts and figures related to this issue aren’t easy to find.  But I managed to do some basic math.  Studies show women use approximately 20-25 items (tampons and/or pads) each month.   The best seller on is Tampax Pearl, at $8.99 for a box of 36.  22 items a month, 12 months in a year… a woman will need about eight boxes each year.  That’s about $70 worth of feminine products.  Maybe that’s not so much to you or me.  But for a woman or family that is already struggling to get by, $70 is simply an impossibility.  And that’s heart breaking.  Basic care products should not be considered what some call “luxury items.” Basic care is a matter of health and dignity.

So, I am going to try to do a little something to help out, and to call attention to the issue. Over the next few months my family is going to be doing whatever we can to help this cause… hosting several events where the participants will be encouraged to bring donations, working with a local business to collect products, inviting friends and neighbors to drop off boxes of tampons and pads… there is a lot in the works.

We’re calling this effort: Girls Helping Girls. Period.

I have seen the spirit of the local community and there are so many willing to help others.  Earlier this year my family started a volunteer organization we call SMALL ACTS.  Small Acts is dedicated to helping wherever there is a need.  We are small people, committing small acts, encouraging others to do the same.  Our motto is “Together we can do big things.”  My sister Quinn has been teaching art classes to seniors as part of our Small Acts work.  For my first project I challenged my friends, family and temple community to help me collect 1000 canned goods in one week.  It was the greatest feeling to hand over that desperately needed food to two local food pantries.  My hope is that we can do a similar mitzvah with Girls Helping Girls. Period.

I hope that you will help in the effort.  And you can assist in whatever way works best for you.  To learn more about our projects go to: