This article from The Village Green by TSTI member Donny Levit offers some great suggestions for how we can all help in response to the ongoing crisis in Texas.

The effects of Hurricane Harvey continue to take a catastrophic toll on the Texas community as the slow-moving storm dumps what forecasters estimate to be a mind-numbing 50 inches of rain over an area populated by millions.

“This is going to cost a great deal, in so many different levels,” Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner said at a press conference on Monday. “The emotional cost this storm is having is hard to measure.”

And while the stories of displaced storm victims can surely be overwhelming, local residents know that the road to recovery will need the support of those far away from the affected regions.

“During Superstorm Sandy, people from throughout this great country and around the world showed us incredible kindness, generosity and compassion. It’s an amazing act of giving when you may never know the recipient,” said South Orange Village President Sheena Collum. “I encourage residents to pick a reputable charity of their choosing and donate. In the absence of being able to make a financial contribution, please keep your thoughts and prayers with our brothers and sisters in Texas along with all the first responders and utility workers. I made a donation to the American Red Cross and shared it on social media. Within a couple hours, a simple post raised $500. Giving is contagious, whatever form it takes.”

We’ve put together a list to help direct you to many of the organizations and donation websites that have been put into place to aid victims.

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