This is a sketch I made from a selfie of me, my wife Perrine Robinson-Geller and our son Noah. In March 2021 Noah was on spring break in his freshman year of college. He was unable to come home for the week since he was not yet vaccinated and couldn’t quarantine for such a short trip. Since we had our shots, we flew to Chicago to spend the week with him. Meals in our hotel room, limitations on sightseeing but being there for each other through it all.

My grandfather Simeon was too poor to go to art school and had to go work when young, but painted his whole life and let me work on his canvases with him. Over the years I have taken classes in other media such as oil and acrylic painting, etching and silkscreen printing. However black and white (particularly pen and ink) have been my main love. I taught myself drawing in the classic way of copying (thanks to the great artists at Marvel and DC not to mention museums), and published cartoons in high school and college. I always travel with a sketchbook. Drawing something is the best way to truly see it.