You do not have to be a temple member to be part of the pre-school or summer camp. And while the pre-school is a formal part of our congregation, some families who are not in any way affiliated with the Jewish community also send their children to the preschool. 

We understand that finding a congregation that is the right “fit” is beneficial to both households and communities. As such, we offer ONE year of study in the Linda and Rudy Slucker Religious School prior to formally affiliating with the congregation, ONLY when your oldest child is in either Kindergarten, First or Second Grade.  During that year, your family is responsible ONLY for tuition, and dues are waived. We know that after a year in our school your family will happily join our temple community. 

We also offer a gift of FREE membership to Preschool families while their oldest child is a full tuition paying student in our Pre-school.