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Shabbat Shalom | August 11, 2023

Dear Friends, This week’s Torah portion is Parashat Re'eh. It begins by telling us we have a choice when it comes to what actions we take, stating, “See, this day, I set before you blessing and curse. Blessing, if you obey the commandments of your God… curse, if [...]

Shabbat Shalom | August 4, 2023

Dear Friends, Since returning from my three weeks in Israel last month, I’ve been asked a number of questions by multiple people. I thought I might use this Shabbat message to share and answer some of them. Question: How was the weather? Answer: It was hot! Question: How was your [...]

Shabbat Shalom | July 28, 2023

Dear Friends, Being in Tel Aviv for Tisha B’av this year has been a fascinating experience… and one of stark contrasts. Starting at about 6pm the streets started quieting down as if it were Erev Shabbat. (Tel Aviv doesn’t shut down completely on Shabbat the way Jerusalem does [...]

Fall Toddler Time

Join us for TODDLER TIME this fall! This is a fun session of music and play for children ages 14 months - 24 months and a caregiver or parent on Tuesday mornings. For more information and to register, click here.

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