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Shabbat Shalom | April 28, 2023

Dear Friends, A few weeks ago I was going through one of the boxes I took from my mother’s house when she moved last July. I found the trophy I won when the balsa-wood rocket I made for a Cub Scout competition came in first. I found the [...]

Shabbat Shalom | April 21, 2023

Dear Friends, During our TSTI Mission to Israel this past December, a number of our teens participated in one of the most moving ceremonies. The group spent time in the Yad VaShem Museum and then made their way through the chilling Children’s Memorial. Dedicated to the 1.5 million Jewish [...]

Shabbat Shalom | April 14, 2023

Dear Friends, Passover has just ended. After a week when many of us severely alter and restrict our diets we can go back to eating as we normally do. Of course it should come as no surprise that this week’s Torah portion goes into great detail about foods [...]

Shabbat Shalom | April 7, 2023

Dear Friends, To those of you who do not like matzah… congratulations. You’ve made it! According to many rabbinic sources you don’t have to touch the bread of affliction until next spring. Those sources teach that, while we are “obligated” to eat matzah at the seder, we are [...]

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