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Shabbat Shalom | September 1, 2023

Dear Friends, I recently came upon a story that Carol Paster handed me some twenty years ago as she said, “You’ll find a use for this some day.” The story told of a boy who was fascinated watching a butterfly struggle to emerge from the cocoon that had [...]

School is underway!

The first week of The Linda and Slucker Religious School was full of lots of fun, including sweet treats, yoga and GAGA!

Shabbat Shalom | August 25, 2023

Dear Friends, The Talmud relates the following tale. It states: There were these hooligans in Rabbi Meir's neighborhood who caused him a great deal of anguish. Rabbi Meir prayed for God to have mercy on them, that they should die. Rabbi Meir's wife, Berurya, said to him: What is your thinking? On what [...]

Shabbat Shalom | August 18, 2023

Dear Friends, The story is told that sometime before the start of Rosh Hashanah, Rabbi Mordecai of Nadvorna, a 19th-century sage, stopped another rabbi who was obviously in a great hurry. “Why are you rushing from place to place?” Reb Mordecai asked. His colleague replied, “I must study [...]

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