Hebrew High School and Youth Programming

8-12th Grade COVID-19 Protocols

(Reviewed December 27, 2021)

  1. All students will provide their vaccination status in order to begin on the first day of classes. If a teen indicates that they are unvaccinated, we will be in touch with the family directly to determine best practices.
    1. Update: All students have provided proof of vaccination with a rate of 100%. After vacations when students have traveled outside of the NYC Metro area, they will be asked to take a rapid test before returning to classes. 
  2. When weather permits, pizza dinner will be provided outside under the tent in the main parking lot. This is the only time kids will be able to be unmasked during the evening. As soon as students are done eating, they will put their masks back on. Students will remain outside for “Hot Topic” discussion as well and will be masked during that time. 
    1. Update: As the weather gets colder, pizza dinner and Hot Topic will take place indoors in the ballroom. Tables and seating will be well spread out around the room, with windows open and fans running to enhance ventilation in the space. Students will be closely supervised to ensure that their masks go right back on after they are done eating, and remain on for the duration of the evening. 
  3. After dinner and Hot Topic, grade-level classes will take place indoors in individual classrooms. Everyone will remain masked at all times. Details about ventilation and spacing are available in the below linked document from the Religious School (see #8).
  4. The last 15-20 minutes of the evening will be reserved for social time in the ballroom, which, for the time being will not include snack, but will provide teens the opportunity to play games and socialize while wearing masks. 
  5. Assuming consistent compliance by all students, this plan will be revised as needed based on seasonal changes and shifts in local Covid metrics. We will be in touch as any updates arise. 
  6. In case of COVID exposure, Hebrew High will follow the same guidelines as those developed and adopted by the TSTI Religious School. Those guidelines are outlined on this page.