Hebrew High School and Youth Programming

8-12th Grade COVID-19 Protocols

(Revised April 8, 2022)

  1. As of  February 2, 2022, only students who are fully vaccinated and have uploaded proof of full vaccination to the TSTI congregant portal will be allowed to attend school. 
  2. While we encourage everyone to wear masks, as of March 7th, 2022 mask-wearing outside is optional. We reserve the right to reverse this policy at any time.
  3. As of March 28, 2022, a “mask optional” policy will go into effect for students/staff in Hebrew High and STISY where all participants are vaccinated with the following restrictions: masks must be worn in all hallways, bathrooms and common spaces. Masking will be optional outdoors and inside the classroom only.
  4. When it is determined safe to do so, pizza dinner will be provided. Tables and seating will be well spread out around the room, with windows open and fans running to enhance ventilation in the space. 
  5. After dinner and Hot Topic, grade-level classes will take place indoors in individual classrooms. As of March 28, 2022, masking will be optional for students/staff provided they are in their classroom or outdoors. Masks must be worn by all in hallways, bathrooms and common spaces. 
  6. Assuming consistent compliance by all students, this plan will be revised as needed based on seasonal changes and shifts in local Covid metrics. We will be in touch as any updates arise.

The TSTI Covid Advisory Panel, which consists of educators, clergy, lay leaders, and medical experts representing a range of relevant specialties, reserves the right to reverse course on any policies, or to change them in any way needed to protect the health and safety of our students, congregants, staff, and clergy and are grateful for your cooperation in the matter.