TSTI Building and Schools COVID-19 Policies and Procedures

(Revised 9/12/2022)

The staff, clergy, and lay leadership of TSTI are doing everything possible to keep our community safe given the ever-evolving Covid-19 pandemic. We are doing our best to keep our policies equitable and consistent but will make changes as dictated by our Covid Advisory Panel and as needed to ensure the community’s health and safety. The goal is to open or keep open our schools and facilities with strict protocols. These protocols for our building and schools will be reviewed weekly and updated as needed. The TSTI Covid Advisory Panel, which consists of educators, clergy, lay leaders, and medical experts representing a range of relevant specialties, reserves the right to reverse course on any policies, or to change them in any way needed to protect the health and safety of our students, congregants, staff, and clergy and are grateful for your cooperation in the matter.

This will allow us to:

  • Move forward with in-person classes in our Iris Family Preschool and SOMSD Preschool classes (when allowed by the South Orange-Maplewood School District). (For specific preschool policies, click here.)
  • Hold Shabbat and other religious services inside our chapel and sanctuary
  • Move forward with in-person classes in our Linda and Rudy Slucker Religious School. (For specific religious school policies, click here.)
  • Move forward with hosting our Hebrew High students for classes and limited events in our indoor spaces. (For specific Hebrew High/Youth policies, click here.)
  • Allow staff to work in the building as needed.
  • Allow our lay leadership to conduct some meetings and work, as needed, in the building.

All of this is dependent on every one of us following protocols to keep ourselves and others safe and healthy. We understand that our guidelines may be different from your schools, workplaces, gyms, and other places you visit. As a synagogue, the well-being of every member of our community is a sacred responsibility.

NOTE: Please monitor the TSTI emails and website for updates in order to learn of last minute changes to our plans and protocols.  Thank you for your cooperation and understanding.

What We Are Doing to Help Keep Our Community Safe

  • Please see the complete TSTI Masking Policy and check the website and emails for updates to the policy.
  • When required, masks must be worn properly (covering mouth and nose at all times), inside the building for all TSTI religious services and events. (Specific protocols for private events, including Adult Education programming and B’nai Mitzvah gatherings, will be communicated to those attending.).
  • During times when masking is required, anyone attending worship services or temple events must wear an KN/KF94 or 95, or N95 mask.
  • While we encourage everyone to wear masks, mask wearing outside is optional. We reserve the right to reverse this policy at any time. 
  • The number of people allowed in attendance at indoor worship and gatherings may be limited to ensure proper distancing and ventilation. 

For the health of our community, please adhere strictly to these protocols:

If you test positive for Covid-19, and you have been on temple grounds in the three days prior to your positive test, please contact Beth Blackman so that we can reach out to others who may have been exposed.

If you are ill (congestion, cough, fever, upset stomach, etc.) or are exhibiting any symptoms of Covid-19, please do not come to the temple. Please consider being tested for Covid-19. 

Please be sure to familiarize yourself with the particular protocols of the Religious School, Preschool, Hebrew High, and our youth programs.

We recognize this is an ever-evolving situation. The staff, clergy, and lay leadership of TSTI appreciate your understanding and compliance with these policies. If you have questions, please contact Beth Blackman. Together, we will continue to maintain the health of our sacred community.

Beth Blackman, Executive Director
Rabbi Daniel M. Cohen
Elise Joy and Marjie Terry, Co-Presidents